Airstar was born in 1994, near Grenoble (France). The brilliant idea of the French self-made man Pierre Chabert has taken off. Today we are far from the first helium filled toy balloon lighted up with a bulb! The brand is well-known and renowned by a worldwide community in fields as diverse as construction, safety, cinema, event, live show, architecture… The business areas have even expanded to fantastic domes (including the one of Solar Impulse)…

From Lewis Hamilton to Jennifer Lopez, from Elton John to Bertrand Picard, the Airstar family album is full of stars.

Nowadays Airstar is world leader in designing and producing lighting balloons. The company is composed 22 offices around the world, 2 production sites in France and in the USA and 120 employees.

Innovation and perfection… Airstar is the partner of all its clients’ challenges.

Pierre Chabert

Airstar chose to fulfill its destiny by of living its inventions… Yes, we look up to the sky and the stars because we love our dreams and we empower ourselves to carry them out. We want to contribute to build a better future, thanks to our daring taste of innovation. Airstar is the world leader in creating and producing lighting balloons for all markets, from industry & safety, events and cinema. We imagine all shapes and sizes of lighting balloons and domes that inflate in a blink of an eye, and so much more.
We* simply love exploring radically new and gentle ways of efficiently responding to human needs.

* Our inventors, our seamstresses, our electricians, our engineers, our specialists and all our team players, from all over the world.


Airstar lighting balloons on Titanic film set

Yves Saint Laurent fashion show, Paris, France