Crystal RGBW

an all-in-one LED lighting balloon


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> an all-ine-one LED lighting balloon

From a white lighting to a coloured lighting in one wink,
the Crystal RGBW lights up any event as well as it decors.

> tailor-made light show

The Crystal RGBW offers an
infinite light customization
thanks to its control box
and its many options.

> DMX control box

The Crystal RGBW control box offers 40 pre-set colour modes, 4 do it yourself modes, a timer which enables to schedule the light show before the event…


With its 49 dB and its flicker free lighting, the Crystal RGBW
can be used on broadcasted events.

> remote-control

The Crystal RGBW can be remote controlled
(scope: 50 meters).

> packaging

The Crystal RGBW is stored in a light
and strong black trolley box.

> LED technology

Long lifetime (> 50 000h).

> customization

The Crystal RGBW is the perfect tool to communicate and signal thanks to stickers, slipcovers and digitally printed envelopes.

> Technical data

flux_lumineuxLuminous flux:
– white LED: 21 000 Lm
– colour LED: 4 300 Lm

color_temperatureColour temperature:
from warm white to cold white

WattMaximum power:
300 W

100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

weightWeight of the balloon:
9 kg


minutesQuick set-up:
15 min

2 batteries for autonomous use:
1 colour (red, green or blue): 20 h / White: 8 h
All colours + white: 4 h