Airstar was born in 1994, near Grenoble (France). Since, the “bright” idea of Frenchman Pierre Chabert has taken off. Today, we are a long way from the first balloons filled with helium and lit with a light bulb! The brand is known and recognized by a worldwide community, in domains as diverse as construction, security, cinema, events, live performances, architecture… The field of skills has even been extended to include sublime domes (including that of Solar Impulse)…

From Lewis Hamilton to Jennifer Lopez, Elton John to Bertrand Picard… the Airstar family album is full of stars.

Airstar is the world leader in the design and manufacture of lighting balloons. The group has 22 offices in 13 countries, 1 production site in France, about 60 employees and 70 distributors, around the world.

Innovation and perfection… Airstar is the partner of its customers’ challenges.

Pierre Chabert

In a quarter of a century, Airstar has become a bold and passionate international group, world leader in lighting balloons, for all industries, security, events, cinema and so much more.

Every day, our teams* mobilize their skills to invent the light of tomorrow. This taste for innovation allows us to offer top-of-the-range lighting solutions, a concentrate of technology, and to realise the wildest dreams of demanding customers in the four corners of the world.

You are necessarily familiar with the lighting balloons that have made our reputation: the Sirocco dedicated to Safety lighting, used in particular on road construction sites at night, the Crystal or the Neo to light up your events, our helium or air-filled lighting balloons (Sphere, Tube and Pad) which are appreciated on all film shoots, whether for cinema, video or television.

* Our inventors, our seamstresses, our electricians, our engineers, our specialists and collaborators of all kinds.


Airstar lighting balloons on Titanic film set

Yves Saint Laurent fashion show, Paris, France